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On-board Bluetooth, WiFi and Cellular capabilities for uninterrupted connectivity


Integrated solar panels generate renewable energy to power and operate SUNFLOWER


SUNFLOWER is compatible with Alexa. Control it with simple commands from the comfort of your home


Premium audio from high-quality speakers for unforgettable outdoor sound


Change the color, control brightness, turn them on or off,

or schedule timed events

You can touch it,

but you don't 

have to 

SUNFLOWER automatically follows the sun to capture optimum solar energy. It wakes up in the morning, opens up, tracks the sun until sundown and then closes automatically unless you tell it otherwise. SUNFLOWER also closes in high winds or inclement weather. You never need to adjust SUNFLOWER to face the sun.

solar energy

Solar powered

SUNFLOWER has integrated solar panels that generate and store renewable energy for uninterrupted usage and operation. SUNFLOWER is highly efficient and can generate energy even on cloudy days. Battery life will vary based on customer usage and conditions. 


SUNFLOWER should be charged before its first use using a standard adapter provided during shipping. After that, you should never need to charge it again unless SUNFLOWER is manually turned off or stored for a long period of time.

Your smart home


SUNFLOWER is equipped with Bluetooth, WiFi, or optional cellular plans – so you are always connected.

wireless & voice
sound & light

Set the


SUNFLOWER has integrated LED lighting for use in the evening. You can change the color, dim the lights, turn ON and OFF and schedule timed events.


​Listen to your music through SUNFLOWER and enjoy a premium audio experience from high-quality speakers.


The SmartShade companion app for iOS gives you full control to all the technology in your SUNFLOWER - opening and closing, tilting and rotation, lighting, sound, sensor data, and more. Set alerts, notifications, events and privacy settings, all at your fingertips with SmartShade.


Control SUNFLOWER movement, lights, sound, etc...

Set up notifications, alerts

and events

Monitor your health, sun exposure,

uv, air quality, etc...

Charge your devices

SUNFLOWER provides USB charging for your devices so you never have to worry about forgetting your charger outdoors.

Environment and safety

SUNFLOWER is powered by completely renewable solar energy, so you're powered up without leaving a carbon footprint. Equipped with a multitude of sensors, SUNFLOWER provides real-time data about your outdoor surroundings.


Safety is the top priority at ShadeCraft Robotics - SUNFLOWER was designed with operational and environmental safety in mind. As a smart robot, SUNFLOWER recognizes obstacles around itself and will only open when it's safe and unobstructed. It closes in high winds or inclement weather and SUNFLOWER elegantly and safely moves as it reacts to its surroundings. Specific technology on-board protects the safety of both people and SUNFLOWER.


Energy & Connectivity

Solar power

Integrated solar panels generate and store renewable energy for uninterrupted usage and operation even on cloudy days.

WiFi & Bluetooth®

Stay connected anywhere, anytime, with on-board WiFi, Bluetooth and optional cellular plans.


Wind sensor

Delivers highly accurate wind speed and direction data so that SUNFLOWER can autonomously close in inclement weather.

Environmental sensors

SUNFLOWER is equipped with a powerful array of sensors - like temperature, humidity, UV radiation, air quality, and others, to provide real-time microclimate data through the SmartShade application. 



Premium quality Bluetooth enabled audio system on each SUNFLOWER.


Controlled lighting

Create the perfect ambiance with beautiful embedded LED panels. Control brightness, color, turn ON and OFF and schedule timed events.



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Dimensions - H x W x D
122"x 88"x 88"  ( 310 x 224 x 224cm)

42 lbs (19kg) + 180 lbs base (81.6kg base)  

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