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SUNFLOWER has solar panels integrated into its blades which generate solar power for the operation of SUNFLOWER, as well as storing excess energy into a battery located at its base. The robot is highly efficient and can generate energy even on cloudy days. 


SUNFLOWER will need to be charged for the first time prior to use. The standard adapter will be provided to charge the on-board battery either indoors or outdoors. If SUNFLOWER is not used for a long period of time, it will need to be charged manually. Depending on usage and conditions, charging of SUNFLOWER may vary from customer to customer.

SUNFLOWER has integrated LED lighting for use in the evening. The lights can be controlled via voice activation through the SmartShade application. You can change the color, dim the lights, and/or specify if you would like them on or off. Other special functions can be customized through the application.

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